Elementary Marketing is a digital marketing company that helps you reach
and engage with socially empowered consumers. We use a strategic
blend of tactics spanning paid, owned and earned media channels.


We believe it isn't good enough to have separate strategies for SEO, content marketing, public relations and paid
media, with a detached email strategy and yet another one for social. At Elementary Marketing we have our eyes
on every marketing channel, creating strategies that are fully integrated with one another, leveraging their collective
strength. We’re proud of our creative style, technical knowledge, and ability to draw actionable insights from raw data.

Our unique approach helps us reduce your costs for each media channel and increase ROI.

Web Design & Development

We design and build high-performance, mobile-responsive websites that improve user experience and increase conversion rates. Whether you need a microsite, blog or online store integrated with existing back office systems, we’re equipped to create it. You can expect a finished product that’s search engine optimized with excellent visual appeal and navigation, optimal information structure, integrated social actions and analytics. Easy-to-use content management systems (CMS) make it simple for you to manage and update your website on your own – and if you need help, IT support and website maintenance is just a call away.

Online Media Advertising Inventory

Elementary Marketing provides display, mobile and video ad inventory to brands and ad agencies. We have technologies in place integrated with multiple publishers, ad exchanges and data providers. It allows our clients to reach the exact audience they need. We do A/B testing to optimize your online campaigns, allocating your budget effectively and measuring ROI on a regular basis. We run effective remarketing campaigns that translate to return visitors and increased sales. Our simplified reporting makes it easy to see what’s working. We’ll help you navigate the complex web of digital media buying.

Content Marketing Strategy

Consumers buy products and services based on what they learn from online communities, online content and their social networks. These days, most digital marketing success isn’t simply about ‘doing more SEO’ or ‘investing in social.’ It’s about creating great content that people actually want to read, link to, talk about and share. We deliver optimized, beautifully written content that boosts your visibility, increases engagement and drives conversions. We mold your content marketing strategy so it fits seamlessly into an integrated digital approach by determining the “right” media to be paid, owned or earned.


The Elementary Marketing team has two layers. Our specialists, which include SEO, content creation,
social media, PR, and PPC experts, get the job done. Our generalists, who have cross-functional
understanding of all facets of marketing, know how to integrate different marketing channels effectively.

We keep our focus on your overall business health and growth, not just single channel performance.
A Wearable Baby Monitor

Industry: Consumer Electronics
Agency Services:

  • Marketing and communication strategy
  • Web-site development
  • Branded print materials and press kit
  • Media pitching and outreach
  • Kickstarter campaign
  • Content and social media marketing
  • SEO & PPC
  • Email-marketing
  • Setting up professional analytics.
Online Vehicle Export Service

Industry: Auto, E-commerce
Agency Services:

  • Social media marketing
  • Media outreach
  • SEO
  • Display and contextual advertising
  • Email-marketing
  • Customer support
Strategic Streams
A Hedge Fund


Industry: Financial, Investment
Agency Services:

  • Market research
  • Competitor and product analysis
  • Highly-targeted display, mobile and contextual advertising


Elementary Marketing managed our brand’s digital marketing strategy from top to toe, as we grew from
a small idea shared among an intimate few to a massive movement in the infant wearables industry.
They managed our social media campaign, acquired paid and earned digital media coverage, optimized
our search rankings and ultimately played a critical part in getting our product off the ground successfully.

Arturas Vaitaitis
Creator of MonBaby, MonDevices Inc.

We loved working with Elementary Marketing because of how they
took ownership of the task at hand. They took our brand and its goals
and treated them like their own, pursuing market research and competitor
analysis as if Strategic Streams were their personal startup hedge fund.

Michael Fox-Rabinovitz
Managing Partner, Strategic Streams LLC

Elementary Marketing played a key role in the successful
launch of our new e-commerce site. The team was
integral in getting the Carporter name out there, from
social media to SEO and everything in between.

Ilya Fridner
CEO, Carporter Inc.


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